Pendle Lodge survives “The Blitz”

Well what a fantastic night we had, starting with Shane Pearson receiving his Grand Lodge Certificate, after him driving four hours to get here, then had a rushed meal and off he went vowing to return, and another four hours drive back to his home in Lakenheath and his new family, and due in to work at 8 am Friday morning.

What came next was new to everyone who attended, it was a full house you might say with speeches from Winston Churchill, Air raids, Search lights and Smoke, war newspapers and posters, Ration cards and let’s not forget the Old England Night Mug, which was at all times during the meal filled and re filled with beer provided free of charge. Thank you to Michael Whittaker for the provision of the beer from his new micro brewery business.

The meal which was provided by Maureen was excellent, with a starter of Black Pudding, followed by Boiled Beef and carrots with mash and cabbage, finishing off with Spotted Dick and custard. Not forgetting the Cheese and Biscuits. Probably slightly more than would have been served during war time.

But along with this came entertainment from various sources including the rendition or two from W.Bro Godfrey. Also the dreaded “Warden” sent to extract monies ranging from 20 pence to a staggering £3 from any violations during the curfew, or Social board if you like.

The Junior Brethren comprising of Brothers Kevin Pickering, Ian Salthouse, Mark Barlow and Glyn Lund excelled themselves organising the evening, so many of the Brethren wanting a repeat of the evening where wives and girlfriends could attend.

Well was it a success? Why not leave your comments on the website and if it gets enough response they may put on another Blitz Night.

The Raffle was delivered by W.Bro Christie in the numbers fashion, which raised the fabulous sum of £200.00, well done Peter, and thank you to the many brethren who purchased a number.

The “Warden” managed to extract £159.82 from the Brethren by fines and other means. We then received another £20 donation from one of the non member guests Andrew Selby. Andrew said he had had a great night, and would like to come to the next one please.

Can I say Brethren we are going to miss Kevin when he flies off to warmer climates in December to make a new life in the sun. He is remaining a Pendle Lodge Member and I am sure we will see him again at the Lodge, A big thank you for what you have done for Pendle Lodge since becoming a member Kevin from all your Brothers in Freemasonry.

Images from the evening can be viewed by clicking here

words by Walter Coupe, images by Bob Summers

2 thoughts on “Pendle Lodge survives “The Blitz”

  1. Hello Bob and all members. Thank you for a great evening. Visiting my mother lodge is always worth the long drive. It is nice to go were the welcome is always warm and the fellowship great. Thanks to all who worked so hard to make it a great evening.


  2. Thanks for your kind comments Bob, they are much appreciated.
    Many thanks to all the Brethren who attended because without them there would be no function.
    Thanks also to Ian, Mark and Glyn who once again proved that teamwork pay’s off.

    On a more personal note, this may be a good time to further thank all member’s of Pendle Lodge for making my transition into Freemasony an enjoyable one. I strongly believe that I chose the right Lodge because of the high standards which I found in all aspects of Lodge practice the instance I arrived..
    I have tried at all times to live up to those standards though nobody is perfect. If I have made some difference to some, at all times, I can leave a happy man. The saying that Masonry takes good men and makes them better is certainly true. If anybody tell’s you different refer them to me.
    If I have not been your cup of tea can I suggest you take up coffee. Costa’s a good start though a bit pricey.
    I will remain a country member of Pendle Lodge and keep in touch through various mean’s.
    If anybody askes me what I have learn’t in Freemasonry I can reply, whith confidence, TO KEEP IT SHORT. So I will leave it at that for now.


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