PLDT – Final Performance at Temple Lodge

The Pendle Lodge Demonstration Team (PLDT) were in action again at Temple Lodge, Haworth on the 9th October 2012.

As usual the team consisting of Bro’s Ian Salthouse , Mark Barlow, Glynn Lund, Kevin Pickering and the mentor of
the team W.Bro. Ronald Atherton. They performed the catechetical with ease, confidence flowed through the team in such a way that it was a pleasure to see each and every one of them enjoy their own performance on the square. This was probably due to the many hours of practice that the brethren had put in to their delivery, so much so, that they got off to a good start by the opening remarks of bro Kevin Pickering, who’s faultless delivery was followed by the rest of the team.

I am sorry to say, that we have witnessed the last performance of the team. It is a shame because the visiting brethren from across the region of West Riding of Yorkshire were requesting the team to perform at their own Lodges.

At the social board the conversation of the night was how do they do it? bloody marvelous, was just one comment! For those Brethren who attend the Haworth Lodge it was a joy to be there. Well done and thank you to the Pendle Lodge Demonstration Team.

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