Chair welcomes Roy for third term

What an emotionally charged Installation that turned out to be. For those who have been in the chair of King Solomon and worked hard delivering ceremonies to a high standard, the moment of relinquishing the post to another brother is probably the hardest thing you will do throughout your year of mastership.  It’s part of the experience of masonry and prepares you for other steps along the masonic path. Never the less it’s still hard to do.

Jim McNally relinquished his masters seat last night, after being in the position for two years, to Roy Langtree. This being the third term of office for Roy.

The installation ceremony was spectacularly delivered by W.B John Hudson P.P.J.G.W. at the request of the incoming Master Roy Langree, to which Jim McNally was happy to accept, the reason being; John proposed Roy into Freemasonry and it was also John who installed Roy into the chair for his first term of office as WM. It was decided that a shortened version of the ritual would be performed,as most of it had already been received by Roy on previous occasions.

Our representative was also a welcomed figure to Pendle Lodge, W.B. Michael Boden PAGDC, whose father, uncle and grandfather had all been members of Pendle Lodge in the past. It was a pleasure to receive him into the lodge and welcome him back to Pendle once again.

The ceremony went very well with one or two acceptable glitches, but on the whole; ritual for us all to be proud of. Congratulations to all those who played their part, especially to those new in office, the closing ceremony was almost faultless. It’s a good start, keep up the hard work. By the time the ceremony was complete I think we were all glad to vacate the lodge room and get a deserved drink from the bar.

The Festival meal was enjoyed by the brethren whilst the WM ritually took wine with all the officers and guests followed by the necessary toast’s and responses. It was good to see that those proposing toast’s had actually made the effort to prepare them well and had  something relevant to say, it’s a good habit to get into, and, unless your Jimmy Tarbuck, avoids the pitfalls of telling unnecessary jokes.

All in all a very enjoyable evening of masonry and festival, It was a pleasure to be there and take part in the proceedings.

Here’s to a successful year for us all.

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