Pendle Lodge Decembers Christmas Meeting

Just a reminder to those who want to attend our December Lodge Christmas Dinner. Thursday 6th is the last date for confirming your attendance and purchasing your ticket. Contact Pete Christie or Mark Barlow for yours.

Pendle Lodge will again be hosting its Christmas Dinner at the December Lodge meeting on Thursday 13th.

It’s likely to be an oversubscribed occasion  with the social board always packed to capacity. The new officers of the lodge will perform the opening and closing ceremony and then we will all retire to the social board.

The Christmas dinner is always a good one with plenty of seasonal food and drink on offer. Dining is by ticket only priced at £12.00 each, and purchasing one early is highly recommended. The Festive board is open to non masons, which is a great opportunity to demonstrate the social side of our craft to gentlemen visitors. However please inform any of your guest about the dark lounge suit dress code.

Our regular guests, who have been paying a visit from Lancaster Lodge in Estoril for many years, will once again be with us, along with fellow brethren from Portugal. Our visitors usually bring with them several bottles of local port, which is always well received by the brethren.

If you wish to join us at the Pendle Lodge December Meeting and afterwards at our Christmas dinner, please contact our Junior Warden, Bro. Mark Barlow or Ass. D.C. W.Bro Peter Christie to acquire your tickets direct.

tickets and further details from Mark Barlow J.W.

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