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Pendle Lodge membersThe hot topic of conversation amongst Nelson Masons must be the recent announcement regarding the closure of the Masonic Hall on Bradshaw Street. The level of comment and discussion at practice and around the bar, as to where we should move to, has been the centre of interest for the past couple of weeks.

Since the 4th March 1947 Nelson Masonic Hall Company have provided the facilities at the Masonic Hall on Bradshaw Street Nelson. The hall witnessed the growth of Freemasonry immediately after the war years and the birth of new lodges within the Nelson area.

The Hall has been the centre of masonry for hundreds of Freemasons for the past 65 years, but times have changed, Freemasonry has changed, and where we hold our lodge meetings must now change.

Unfortunately Nelson Masonic Hall has become untenable due to the rising costs of utilities and repairs, along with the reduction in numbers of members. Accordingly the Hall will shortly be closing its doors to Masonic Lodge meetings.

Masonic Hall

We now have a great opportunity to decide our own destiny and look to the future. Wherever we go I know the members of Pendle Lodge will embrace the changes and continue to enjoy their Freemasonry, there are facilities at Burnley, Padiham, Colne and even Clayton-le-Moors at a stretch, after all; a lodge is not a building, but a collection of Freemasons gathered to practice their craft, wherever that may be.

6 thoughts on “Nelson Masonic Hall

  1. Hi, I’m Andy Irving, visiting Nelson, am a Mason in the UK, when are your meetings?

    Simon Langton Lodge, Canterbury, Kent

    Kind regards.


  2. Don’t forget that you are welcome to come to Whalley where the ambience is unique and the family atmosphere a bit special!


  3. As Master Elect of Royal Lancashire Lodge Colne, I was sadderned to hear that the Nelson Masonic Hall will be closing. I know from past personal experience what this is like! and how upsetting it can be. I know that the members of the lodges and chapters will be examining all the verious options which I would encourage them to do, so that you can all make as comprehensive decision as possibe. I know that when Wigan Masonic Hall folded, several lodges also called it a day and several masons deceided not to move with their lodge.
    On a personal note, I can recommend Colne Masonic Hall, were you will find a warm welcome from the members who enjoy, good food, good companionship and excellent bar prices that are the envy of many other Masonic Halls. I would recommend that members of Nelson Masonic Hall, who have not visited the building to contact one of the secretaries or Scribe E, to arrange a visit. As for Royal Lancashire Lodge, we have a busy year ahead, I will be installed as Master on Thursday 20th December 2012, then my provisional calendar is:
    24/1/2013 First Degree
    21/2/2013 First Degree
    20/3/2013 Les Greenwood’s 50th
    25/4/2013 First Degree
    23/5/2013 Ladies to Dine
    19/9/2013 Third Degree
    17/10/2013 Third Degree
    14/11/2013 Business Meeting & a Second Degree
    12/12/2013 Installation
    The lodge’s new Secretary will be WBro Raymond N Pickles, PProvJGD and he can be contacted on the following: 01282 866611 or email:
    I look forward to seeing some of you at our meetings, but most of all I hope that Pendle Lodge and the other lodges and side degrees currently at Nelson Masonic Hall, find a new home that they are happy with.
    Regards – Eddie Forkgen


    1. Thanks for those word of support Eddie. It sounds as though Royal Lancashire Lodge has its work cut out for the coming season. The consensus of opinion in Pendle Lodge is that Colne Masonic Hall does indeed have all the right ingredients to welcome us. Lets hope that’s the case and we can add to what is already a thriving building.


  4. This certainly has been the topic of conversation over the last two weeks. The question that worries me as a relative new member is what is the future of Pendle Lodge? Over the last few years we have lost some members through bereavement or resignation and unfortunately I feel that whereever the future of Pendle Lodge may lie we will lose more members.
    We are all British and one of the downfalls of being British is that we do not like change. When things change we are out of our comfort zone. Whichever masonic hall we decide to move to will be a change and obviously we cannot impose our ways of doing things on them. It is going to be hard for everyone to come to terms with being the ‘newcomers’.
    At Pendle we have a social life as well as the masonic life. At practices we will stay behind and enjoy the company of the brethren in the bar area. This may not happen in a different Masonic Hall and I feel that this could harm the lodge.
    I appreciate that Masonry is about what happens within the lodge, but I also feel that the social side is an important factor because not only does it get the brethren together but also we can organise events which can get our partners together as well.
    Last Saturday Carole and I attended a social event at the lodge. It was a great night and one of the older brethren even said that it was one of the best things he had attended for a long time. This is what we could miss.
    As for the future we cannot say at this moment what will happen. So much has to be discussed and individuals have obviously to make up their own minds on where their future in masonry will be. I just hope that the majority can stay together because I feel that we have a good lodge.

    I don’t want to jump the gun with this but I think that on Thursday plans will be announced about a New Year’s Eve bash. If the brethren who attended last week’s social evening have nothing better to do then all I can say is come along as this may well be the last chance to welcome in the New Year in our Masonic Hall. Just remember how much we enjoyed last Saturday.

    Finally I would like to finish by saying how much I have enjoyed being part of Pendle Lodge and just hope that that enjoyment can be continued for a long time yet.


    1. Keith said ..Finally I would like to finish by saying how much I have enjoyed being part of Pendle Lodge and just hope that that enjoyment can be continued for a long time yet

      Keith, I’m confident that Pendle Lodge will continue into the future, and prosper wherever it goes. As for a few members leaving, your probably right. Man is very loath to embrace change and the loss of our Masonic Hall is certainly that. It’s at times like this we have to stand together and look out for the benefit of us all.
      Glad to hear the Ladies Dinner went well on Saturday night. Why not start thinking about the next one and where that may take place..

      Thanks for the comment..


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