Changes to website images and layout

pendle-hill-18-april-09-064.jpgThe familiar images of Pendle Hill in the header banner of each page have now been changed.

Several quality masonic websites use images that are specific to their lodge or order, and the webmaster very cleverly arranges macro or close up shots of various masonic items from within or around the lodge building. This effect is very good at recalling memories of places and events that have taken place associated with whatever the website is about, in our case ritual and masonic ceremonies. Even the UGLE  webmaster uses this technique. Have a look at the banners as they change. Some pages have their own header banner that is specific to that particular page i.e. the Contact page, but most are linked to a random Masonic Hall interior image.

The images will all be identifiable to Nelson Masons, click on any of the pictures below to see the actual size banner. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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