David England wins Christmas Hamper raffle

lbi 046Well that’s the raffle over for another year, again it has been a success. This year the sum of £369 was raised from the £1 donations from the brethren week in week out. The prizes this year, I believe, were the best so far. It is only right that I say that all the prizes were made up from donations from the brethren and for this Walter and I give our thanks. Without this support the raffle would not be worthwhile.

lbi 047

Unfortunately, as is the case with any raffle, not everyone can win the best prizes. (Sorry Bob, but I’m sure the feather dusters have come in useful). This year we asked The WM and the IPM to draw the raffle. Any complaints about what was won can thus be directed at these two.

The magnificent hamper put together by Walter and his wife Terry was won by David England. What a nice change from our secretary winning the first prize. Two beer selections were also on offer. One was won by yours truly (this has certainly gone to a good home) and the other was one by Ken Smith.

The beautiful ornaments donated by Ken and Joan Smith also went to people who would appreciate the work involved in their creation.

lbi 050Burnley F.C. memorabilia were on offer. A signed football was won by Glyn Lund who was last seen running down Bradshaw Street kicking the ball against all our neighbours windows. The signed Burnley shirt was won by someone who holds Burnley F.C. in the same light as Freemasonry –well done Steve.

Other prizes included a Christmas Cake made by my dear wife and won by Harry, various bottles of fine wine and the usual chocolates and biscuits.

So all in all the raffle went well. The £369 has helped swell the social fund and I am sure will be put to good use. I hope that someone can be found to continue collecting the £1s week in week out and that the raffle can continue to be the success that we have become accustomed to.


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