Merry Christmas from Pendle Lodge

Merry Christmas to yo all
Merry Christmas to you all

As another calendar year comes to a close, it heralds the start of a new Masonic Year. This last year has been a somewhat unusual one where we have had one Master taking office for a second successive year, and another taking the Chair for an unprecedented third time. Pendle Lodge continues to remain relatively strong and I look forward to a busy Masonic year ahead.

In January we look forward to celebrating W. Bro. Brian Ingham’s fiftieth year in Freemasonry. It is a time also, to remember those Brethren who have gone to the Grand Lodge above.

I have informed the Officers of the Lodge, whilst we have only one candidate, who we will Pass in September, there is no reason why we can’t deliver all the ceremonies. Therefore we will be doing an Initiation and a Raising, albeit demonstrations, but, nevertheless, will, I am sure, be performed in the usual Pendle Lodge inimitable fashion.

May I wish all the Brethren and their loved ones a very happy and peaceful Christmas and a prosperous and healthy New Year.

Yours sincerely and Fraternally,

Christmas card

Roy Langtree, Worshipful Master.

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