Pictures from Pendle Lodge Christmas Dinner

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3 thoughts on “Pictures from Pendle Lodge Christmas Dinner

  1. Well, have you ever seen such a better set of pictures anywhere. Not just the content but the quality also. Bob, if you give up your day job there may still be a chance for you.

    On a more pressing note and I apologise for a late response. ( I have been visiting family over the weekend and did not take my Thingy Gadjet ). My most grateful and heartfelt thanks for the presentation you all made on my behalf on Thursday night. Believe me, it came as a complete surprise as I hope you all noticed. The gifts, comments on my input to Pendle Lodge and words of support for my venture abroad and the way in which it was all presented will remain with me for a very long time. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Pendle Lodge and thank each and every one of you equally for that pleasure. I repeat, Once a Freemason always a Freemason and I will be back before you know it. For a visit only I hope. Take good care and the very best of luck with the up and coming proposed changes to the Lodge.
    Merry Xmas and a very happy New Year.

    Bro. Kevin Pickering


    1. Kevin
      Thanks for the kind comments on the images, but you are being far too kind to be honest. My camera is not up to very much and this January sales may just see me upgrade to a decent SLR Camera.
      It has been a pleasure for me as DC to have worked with you in the Lodge, and believe me, your enthusiasm and inquiring attitude to freemasonry will be missed by all the Pendle Lodge brethren.
      Can I ask you to keep in touch with us via this website, and if there is an opportunity for you to visit us again, or perhaps we can pay you a visit, please let us know.

      Best wishes to you in your new home Kevin, and please remember those word you have yourself very ably delivered
      “by never losing sight of the allegiance due to the sovereign of your native land, ever remembering that nature has implanted in your breast a sacred and indissoluble attachment towards that country whence you derived your birth and infant nurture”

      Best wishes Kevin, and have a merry Christmas and happy new year.

      Bob Summers
      Pendle Lodge Director of Ceremonies


  2. Really good night at Pendle Lodge last night. Glad we managed to get those brethren not appointed at the Installation out of the way, and thanks to Pete Christie for delivering the address to the stewards.
    The guys from Lancaster Lodge were well received and welcomed back to Nelson Masonic Hall for the 11th year in succession. Good food, good port and a good time had by all.


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