from Kevin Pickering…

View over Pattaya BeachI saw a  Buddhist  monk on the beach road this morning. I had seen him before but today was a little different, I saw Thai people  approaching him with offerings, not normally money but food and other stuff.

I know the Thai people greatly respect Monks and older people. Anything you give to a Monk is all for the greater good. They share everything with the poor.

As I was taking all this in I was walking past him and thought next time I will offer him a few bob. I am glad it worked that way because a little further on I saw an old Thai lady eating waste food from a wheelie bin. She had  obvious  mental and physical disabilities. I said good morning in Thai and walked on. A little later as I was walking back I saw her again, still eating from the bin. Just to digress slightly  I always carry some change with me on my walks to buy some water and a Danish which I drink and eat on my way back. That’s my breakfast taken care of. My Freemason generosity kicked in and I gave her all the money I had. Not much to me but to her enough for the day at least. Maybe the Great G will look down on me today with favour and ensure that today at least, I will not be taken out by some mad Thai on a speeding scooter.

Maybe you would like to share this for me at the next Lodge practice so they all know that I am being a good boy and all their guidance and Masonic teachings aren’t going to waste.

3 thoughts on “from Kevin Pickering…

  1. Sounds idyllic Kevin. just watch out for the mad scooters as you say.
    Comments are open on this post so you and anyone who wants to can post a response to your thoughts. Enjoy your time over there.


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