2013 received in 40’s style

530494_10151267274725896_555214496_nOnce again the organisers of the New Years Eve Party excelled themselves. Congratulations must be given to Mark, Debbie, Ian and Kath for the evening they provided.

To see out the Old Year in a 1940’s style seemed a bit strange at first but what a tremendously entertaining evening it turned out to be. We had air raids, marshalled by 2 Air Raid Wardens, the wounded being attended to by a doctor and nurse on call. We had land girls, cheeky schoolboys, airforce officers and even the long arm of the law turned up to make sure that John and Janice (many thanks to them for their hard work) were not serving drinks to underage revellers.We even had a Hun. But with it being New Years Eve we allowed him to stay and join us in seeing in the New Year.

The food put on by Debbie was magnificent and more than plentiful. I think everyone went home with doggie bags The music provided by Ian was a joy. We had sing songs of 1940’s classics, dances of the era and later on we even got up to date. Ian was thrown a challenge by Mark that if he managed to find and play Gangnam Style then he would be the first on the dance floor. The rest is history and recorded in the photos of the evening.

As 2013 approached we all received a glass of bubbly and party poppers to welcome the New Year. This we did in great style. After finishing our drinks and after some more dances it was time to go.

Thanks again lads and lassies for making the evening so enjoyable. I’m sure everyone went home in good cheer.

5 thoughts on “2013 received in 40’s style

  1. Just to recap what everyone who attended the New Year’s Eve party thought – it was a fantastic night. Mark and Debbie are to be congratulated for the magnificent buffet they prepared, Ian for his disco and to everyone else who attended well done, but for you the evening would not have been the same.
    If another party is to be held next year on the same theme, which seems very successful, I recommend it to every member of Pendle Lodge.


  2. Thanks to all how attended the party and the very kind comments it was a fantastic night made by every one who attended thank you all.
    Regards Mark


  3. Well done the team. Wish I could have been there. The last Few lodge functions have been different, and shows that with a bit of imagination, support, effort and a lot of bottle ( not beer you idiot) you can achieve almost anything. I am sure that 2013 will see a continuation of the same in the hands of Glynn and Ian. If you keep this up I might have to come back.
    Good luck, take care and love to all your families. Kevin


  4. Thanks Keith.
    For your superb write up on the New Years Eve Party. You really caught the spirit and good humer of the festivities. I would also like to include a big thank you to you and your wife and Jim Duerden and his wife for helping us set up before, and clean up afterwards. and for the fork handles you provided.
    Cheers Ian.


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