Brian Ingham’s 50th – Pictures

bia 01211What an absolutely splendid evening it was, here are some of the images. Read a full commentary on the proceedings along with Brian’s tribute by clicking on the links, but I’m sure we all wish him many congratulations and as the APGM said,

“we are all grateful to the likes of Brian for being the foundation of Freemasonry and for supporting the fraternity for so long” 

Click on any of the images in the mosaic and a gallery of images will open. You can then click left or right to see them in full size. To return to this page press the escape “Esc” button on the top left of the keyboard.

5 thoughts on “Brian Ingham’s 50th – Pictures

  1. It certainly was a superb evening and one which was fitting for the person it was all about. Congratulations again to Brian on achieving something which I am sure not many Freemasons will achieve.
    The business in the Lodge was conducted superbly and the tribute to Brian from Ken was outstanding. As usual our social board was second to none and Brian’s response was very well received. I detected a tear in his eye at one stage on what I am sure was a very emotional evening for him.
    All in all Pendle Lodge again showed what a great Lodge it is and the members of the Lodge were extremely proud not only to be to be honouring the masonic career of Brian but also to have Brian as a member of their lodge.
    It was also a fitting tribute to Brian that we had more people present than for a long time. Let’s hope that what they saw last night will bring them back to our Lodge every month.
    Well done Pendle. Well done Brian.


    1. David
      Thanks for your comment; It was a rather special night wasn’t it. Glad everyone had a good time. It was strange to see Brian up on the top table though. I’m sure he will settle down again and be happy in his usual spot by the Senior Warden.


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