Festival receives £220.00 from Quiz Night

DSCF011770Over 60 Masons, family and friends enjoyed what has become ‘a must attend’ fun event. Mr John Dodd, Quiz Master, once again presented the attendees with some very thought provoking questions and as is normally the case not always to the agreement of the participants. John however in his usual calm and collected self, overcame the objections.

Colne provides the winning team for second year

It appeared that before the results were announced some contenders were worried, but these fears were soon forgotten as the winning team for the second time in succession came from Colne, their prize being 6 bottles of wine which I’m sure they will certainly enjoy, the runners up again came from Whalley (keep trying folks you just may attain the ultimate one day). The tail- ender’s again came from Padiham, who were presented with 6 toilet rolls and 6 tubes of Smarties which where gratefully accepted by the Worshipful Master of The Red Rose of Lancaster Lodge No 1504. Bro Michael Mills.

Pie and Peas was on the menu during the half time break and darn good they were too.

Lynette Duxbury celebrates birthday

The evening also brought a pleasant surprise for Mrs Lynette Duxbury who celebrated her 60th birthday, Ian her husband is the newest member of Pendle Lodge No 4703. WBro Bob Summers DC of Pendle Lodge presented her with a bunch of flowers and a cake, after which all present, gave a splendid rendition of Happy Birthday to you.

Graham Thornton wins Raffle

The evening ended with a raffle which was drawn by The Deputy District Chairman WBro Paul Thornton. The first ticket drawn by Paul was held by Bro Graham Thornton his son. (Keep it in the Family Paul).

WBro David Biggs thanked everyone for attending and hoped that all had enjoyed their evening.

The evening raised £220.00 which will be presented to the RMBI 2015 Festival.

More pictures from the event can be found in the picture gallery

One thought on “Festival receives £220.00 from Quiz Night

  1. It was a really good night, some of the questions were a bit ambiguous but asking the opinion of the quiz teams sorted most of it out. It was nice to see teams representing almost every lodge and certainly every masonic hall within the district.


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