Memories from 1961

brian ingham W.Bro Brian Ingham, being a member of Pendle Lodge for over 50 years, has a long memory of past members and every now and again comes up with a photograph of some distant gathering or masonic event. On this occasion he presented a photograph from 1961 featuring the then members of Pendle Lodge. It was taken at the White Hart Pub in Blackburn I believe. Some of the names are well-known even by today’s members, but many are distant memories now.

Pendle Lodge Members 1961
Pendle Lodge Members 1961

You may recognise Brian Ingham third from the left on the back row and a very young-looking Jack Starkie fifth from the left on the front row.

If you recognise any of these members from 1961 please let us know and leave a comment.

5 thoughts on “Memories from 1961

  1. Reliably informed that 4th from the left on the front row is Edgar Morphet, long time DC of Pendle Lodge. I was fortunate to have joined the lodge in 1993 whilst Edgar was still with us.


  2. Saw details about Brian’s memories on your lodge twitter feed – what a huge source of info social media can be. I wonder if I have a family connection to W. Bro. Jack? Although I now live on the south coast and my grandfather changed the spelling of our name from ….ie to ….ey, I am a Starkie with my family coming from not that far down the M62 in Prescot. Now DC of my own Lodge – Prince of Wales Lodge No. 1705.


    1. You never know Bill, you may have. Our Jack Starkie was a much loved and respected mild mannered man. His legacy, believe it or not, is a large bottle opener which he used when Junior Warden and ostensible steward of the lodge back in 1972. He would use the bottle opener to provide refreshment to visitors from the various bottles of beer situated in the middle of the social board tables. The bottle opener is still worn to this day during the social board on a collar by the Junior Warden, and it is presented each year at the installation meeting to the incoming Junior Warden, with an explanation of its origins and owner. A wonderful way of remembering our Jack.


  3. I spotted Brian Ingham quite easily, but Jack Starkie had to be pointed out. What a great photograph, we should have more like this on the website for all to enjoy.
    Thanks for this one Brian. Do you have any more from the past?


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