Masonic chamber discovered after 400 years

enigmatic symbols that may relate to early FreemasonryA secret chamber, hidden for 400 years and with possible links to early freemasonry, has been discovered.

The entrance to the room, which has plastered walls, was found inside a cupboard at the National Trust-owned house Canons Ashby, near Daventry.  Continue reading –

4 thoughts on “Masonic chamber discovered after 400 years

  1. On a lighter note regarding the discovery of a possible Freemasons Lodge room albeit small, if all that attended were the size of Roy Langtree or Peter Christie they would get plenty in. Ha Ha.


  2. Greeting Bob, I would be interested in having a look in the room. Does this story not prick your curiosity? Regards to all at Pendle 4703.


    1. Hi Shane.
      I agree that a look inside the space would be interesting. However I’m still of the opinion that its not a lodge room. A lodge, as you know, is a gathering of Brethen, and a space that size would only be able to accommodate 6 people at a squeeze. For a masonic gathering you would need a little more room than is suggested here.
      It’s a curious space no doubt, but brought to the attention of the public on the back of Freemasonry me thinks.


  3. 6 ft x 5 ft is a very small lodge room indeed. I think the article is clutching at straws for an explanation and relying on readers interest in freemasonry to come up with a respectable explanation for the space. The images shown don’t appear to be anything recognisably masonic. But who knows?


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