4 thoughts on “Masonic chamber discovered after 400 years

  1. On a lighter note regarding the discovery of a possible Freemasons Lodge room albeit small, if all that attended were the size of Roy Langtree or Peter Christie they would get plenty in. Ha Ha.


  2. Greeting Bob, I would be interested in having a look in the room. Does this story not prick your curiosity? Regards to all at Pendle 4703.


    1. Hi Shane.
      I agree that a look inside the space would be interesting. However I’m still of the opinion that its not a lodge room. A lodge, as you know, is a gathering of Brethen, and a space that size would only be able to accommodate 6 people at a squeeze. For a masonic gathering you would need a little more room than is suggested here.
      It’s a curious space no doubt, but brought to the attention of the public on the back of Freemasonry me thinks.


  3. 6 ft x 5 ft is a very small lodge room indeed. I think the article is clutching at straws for an explanation and relying on readers interest in freemasonry to come up with a respectable explanation for the space. The images shown don’t appear to be anything recognisably masonic. But who knows?


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