Pendle Lodge Ladies Evening – Pictures

DSC_0053We all had a wonderful time at the Ladies Evening and here are the pictures to prove it. If anyone would like the full size hi res version of any image then please request one quoting the image number via the Contact Page

Thanks to Tim Langtree, Walter Coupe, Ian Salthouse and Bob Summers for the images. If you have any you would like adding to the gallery just send them via e mail to the webmaster


click on any of the images in the Mosaic and they will open in a photo gallery. You can navigate forward and backward clicking the arrow buttons on the screen. To exit from the gallery click the X button in the top left of the screen or press the Escape (Esc) button on your keyboard. 

2 thoughts on “Pendle Lodge Ladies Evening – Pictures

  1. In my old lodge the founders wore a. white tux

    Just an observation !


    John Ellis Sent from my Ipad


  2. Brilliant pictures, the sort of stuff that should be in Lancashire Life. Looks like every body was having a great time. Thanks to all our photographers.


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