£4000 added so far to 2015 Festival total

regular small amounts It’s surprising how much can be raised when you continuously add small amounts on a bi-monthly basis.

The regular lodge raffles are shared, and the 2015 Festival gets every alternate month, and by the look of things its been on the receiving end of several good collections, such as the big Christmas Dinner, the Olde England Night and the recent 50th anniversary for

Pendle Lodge membersBrian Ingham, where we made a donation of £500.00. The change to the method of running the raffle has also added tremendously to the amounts raised. Peter Christie now runs his very effective numbers raffle, which encourages every participant to remain in the game longer and purchase more tickets, and its a lot more fun to boot.

It’s a great figure to date and Roy Langtree is more than happy to continue receiving the regular donations from each and every one of us. We still have 2 years to go before the festival comes to a close and I’m sure we will have raised considerably more by then.

Well done chaps!

One thought on “£4000 added so far to 2015 Festival total

  1. I was surprised to see that we had done so well so far. It’s very satisfying to see the Lodge doing it’s bit and being part of it. Pendle Lodge is now a Grand Patron of the 2015 Festival.
    Something we can be proud of.


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