Tracing Board Explanation received

first degree tracing boardDue to Ian’s regular business trips abroad  the explanation of the Tracing Board in the First Degree has been postponed  or should I say scheduled for when he is in the UK. Its been several months in the making with Ian having visited both China and Mexico since his initiation. Thursday 11th however saw him and another entered apprentice Bro. Alan Johnson, a family friend of Bryon Lingards and a Freemason from Fire Brigade Lodge in Stratford-upon-Avon, both receive a wonderful rendition and explanation of the symbolism on the Tracing Board.

Ian Duxbury and Alan Johnson with WM Roy Langtree

The Worshipful Master Roy Langtree has a long record of delivering this part of the ritual to a very high standard, and in fact he is known to offer his skills far and wide in delivering this explanation to those Lodges who request it.

All three Masters from Lodges within Nelson Masonic Hall were in attendance on the Masters Row, which was very pleasing to see. Its been a while since that’s happened but I’m sure the current masters, all of them being past masters and in the chair for second and third occasions  and maybe that’s the reason behind their visit, will visit Pendle Lodge on future Lodge Nights.

The social board was well supported and the food up to the usual standards from the kitchen. Our regular raffle saw the emergence of the Canadian Redwood Whisky, which has been in the Pendle Lodge Cellar for many years now and probably raised thousands of pounds over its lifetime. Tradition suggests the whisky is so bad you wouldn’t want to take it home anyway, so the best thing to do is donate it back to the Junior Warden for use on another future evening.

It all ended rather well with an excellent response to the visitors toast by Michael Maunders and a final few minutes at the bar.

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