Great night at Festival Banquet

James Hargreaves Stand Main EtranceThe view from the James Hargreaves stand out across the pitch is tremendous. It brought back memories from 30 years back when the stand that was there then was called the Long Side, because that was what it was, a long stretch of concrete steps with a roof on it for all the dedicated Burnley Supporters  In fact I was probably standing not far from where I used to stand when I was a regular supporter.

Festival Banquet revellersIt all looked very different now, with over 180 Freemasons in dinner suits and their wives in splendid evening wear gathered to celebrate in style with a banquet in aid of the 2015 RMBI Festival. The James Hargreaves stand is a very plush venue and one that Burnley Football Club are quite rightly very proud. On this occasion it was in use by the Freemasons of Burnley & Pendle District to help raise even more money for the Festival.

The PGM Sir David Trippier welcomed all those present and entertained us with his opening remarks  and recollections of another recent dinner he had attended in the James Hargreaves suite, on this occasion however it Her Majesty the Queen who was head of the table and Sir David had his own duties to be concerned about. Suffice it to say, those present at the banquet were royally entertained by his comments.

Festival revellers John and Janice HudsonThree Pendle Lodge members sat together on table 1 and enjoyed each others company well into the night. Paul Thornton and his wife Kathryn did an amazing job of organising the evening and presenting a rather successful raffle, which raised the huge sum of £1400 for the 2015 Festival. Our district APGM Martin Roche returned thanks for the evening and reminded us all of the reason funds are required for the RMBI and of the people on the receiving end of those funds.

The event continued with dancing and music through to 12:30am, It really was an evening to remember.

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Special thanks to Pete Brennand for all of the good pictures, thanks Pete.

One thought on “Great night at Festival Banquet

  1. It was a special evening all told. The singer Lee Brady from Blackpool really delivered, especially the Nessun Dorma bit, absolutely incredible. Meal was good and plenty of it, couldn’t have asked for more. The highlight of the evening was raising the sum of £1400.
    Paul and Kathryn Thornton certainly deserved a mention for all the work they put in to make the entire event a success.
    Thanks for a great night


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