50’s night a hip hopping sucess

Pendle Lodge 50's nightYet again a most enjoyable evening was had by all. Although numbers could have been greater those who turned up really enjoyed themselves and got into the spirit of the evening. Fancy dress was optional but there was a great variety of outfits. There were 2 Elvis’s, some rockers, a Beatle, some Flower children/hippies and plenty of ladies legs on show with their mini dresses. There was even a miniature Acker Bilk (sorry Roy). The DJ for the evening was as usual our own Ian Salthouse who seemed Pendle Lodge 50's nightas though he had had a bad hair day. Throughout the evening music of the 50s and 60s was played and danced to. Unfortunately the one downside was that the officers present were again press-ganged into ” dancing” Gangnam Style. I hope this is not going to be a Pendle Lodge tradition.

We all enjoyed a supper of Pie and Peas and a successful raffle was held. The event was organised by Glyn Lund and he must be congratulated on the success of the evening. He and his family certainly put some hard work in to make the evening the success it was. Thanks also must go to John Hudson for his help behind the bar.

Well done everyone and bring on the next one.

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3 thoughts on “50’s night a hip hopping sucess

  1. Well, here I am lying in bed in heat you would not like to get pally with. It’s 0430 am and not been able to sleep. Thought I would take a look see at what’s going on back at Pendle Lodge. Glad I did and must admit that thought entered my head which goes, Wish You were Here or there in my case. Well done to the guys working hard on the social side. The 50s-60s night looks like a great do. Mind you I’m not sure that most of you that we’re there were between the age of 50 and 60 but you all looked it anyway. Hope you get the humour in that one. Have not seen all the pictures yet but looking forward to it. I could do with some of that shampoo that Jack Day’s using and Walters impression of the “THING” was really good. Or was that the “KING”. Hee Hee. Ian, give up your day job. You have found your calling though leave your wig in your handbag. Quite hair raising if you ask me.
    If anyone is wondering how I am doing let me tell you, Great. Fit, Healthy enjoying my retirement immensely and most importantly still single and staying that way. There a good reason for that and no Walter, the Ladyboys have nothing to do with it. My plans are to visit the Lodge for the November Instalation and to see my mate Bro Ian Salthouse receive the Chair of King Solomon for the year ahead. I hope it works out as I look forward to seeing all of you at the festive board and all the rest.
    Take care, keep healthy. Bro Kevin Pickering. Once a Mason Always a Mason. Who said that.


  2. This comment posted on behalf of Glyn Lund. – Ed.
    I have just got back from my holiday and is the first chance I have had to contact you regarding the 50s/60s Social Evening.
    From the feedback I have received everyone had a very enjoyable evening. My camera was not up to scratch so I have no pictures to forward you but there was plenty taken on the night. Those that took up the invitation to dress in the style of the 50s/60s excelled themselves. It was plain to see that many hours of work must have been spent and I must thank them all for their efforts which made the night that much more enjoyable. You will see what I mean when the pictures start coming in. Some of the wigs however left a bit to be desired with several looking like they had a dead cat nailed to their heads.
    I was particularly grateful to our visitors from West Craven Lodge who entered into the spirit of things with particularly good costumes.
    I must say a special thanks to Walter, Jim, Keith Ian and Kath for the time spent setting up the room on Saturday morning and cleaning up on Sunday (so much owed to so few). Thanks also to John for looking after the bar, my daughter Debbie for serving the food and Keith and Walter for running the raffle raising an amazing £66.00.
    Not wishing to single anyone in particular out a special thank you must go to Ian Salthouse and Kath for providing us with the Disco and also for Ian giving us a laugh with his costume and ‘Afro’ wig.
    Anyone who has been to any of our functions will know what a professional set of Disco equipment they have and the professional way they use it. If the social committee had to pay for a similar service it would cost us a fortune, thanks again..


    1. Yes I can honestly say it was a great night out and a good laugh. Thanks to all who arranged it. Remember brethren we must try to attend more of the functions,The next being the Crown Green Bowling. Regards Walter


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