Great Ritual doesn’t just happen

WM Congratulates Ian Duxbury on PassingGreat masonic ritual doesn’t just happen. Many hours of reading the ritual book and practicing the ceremonial in the Lodge is what counts. It’s not supposed to be easy, it’s designed as an effective method of teaching the performer about Freemasonry and enabling him to come to a personal understanding about the craft he is employed in, and when it’s delivered well, there’s nothing quite like it.

JW Mark Barlow presents Working Tools

Pendle Lodges recent second degree ceremony, or passing, was a huge success with all of the officers taking part performing to a very high standard, one or two prompts from various places kept the ritual flowing, but on the whole a terrific night at Nelson Masonic Hall. It could have been very different however, the two key passages from the Wardens took some real effort to pick up and memorize, with huge efforts from both Mark Barlow and Ian Salthouse winning the day. 

Ian now has until May 2014 as a craftsman and will be learning more about this interesting degree over the coming months. This was the first meeting after the summer break and it was great to see everyone in good health and ready for the coming season.

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