Jump day for Terry Coupe

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Well Brethren, Judgement day finally arrived, Friday the 25th October 2013. My wife Terry was to be strapped to our son and jump out of a fully serviceable aircraft at 12,500 feet, give or take a foot or two.

Drastic you may say, but this was all done for two good causes, Christies Manchester and North West Air Ambulance, and as a result a total of £774.00 was pledged, but if anyone would like to round the figure up let me know please.

Terry would like to thank all who did sponsor her but says she would never do it again, in fact on landing she mimicked the Pope and kissed the earth and then looked like she had gone in to shock.

Thanks again to you all

Regards Walter and Terry

7 thoughts on “Jump day for Terry Coupe

  1. Well done Terry. Couldn’t see the anvil Walter was giving you to help you down. Hope your heart is now beating regularly and you are able to look back and appreciate what a fantastic thing you have done. Unfortunately this now means that Walter will have to turn to other people to torment. Well done again.

    Keith and Carole xx


  2. Congratulations and well done Terry , the pictures are fantastic and it looks like you had a great time , but when is it Walters turn ?


  3. Well done Terry, you are so brave, but the look of relief on your face once on the ground did make me smile. I’ll send some pennies with Jim to help increase your total. We’ll done again Liz xx


  4. Congratulations Terry, your a brave lady.
    Your brain tells you there is no need to leave the confines of your aircraft and it takes a lot of bottle to do so, well done. I better bring some cash to the next Lodge meeting as no doubt I will be seeing Walter.
    Please keep us informed as to your fund raising total.


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