Pendle take 1st, 2nd and 3rd at Nelson Chapter

220px-Triple_tau.svgRoyal Arch Masonry is that order where you supposedly complete your Master Masons Degree, well I’m not sure what the book says but the ritual is certainly very different, and for those viewing the layout of the chapter room for the first time it certainly comes as a big surprise.

Nelson Chapter is in a similar position to many other chapters in the province, that is to say few loyal Royal Arch Masons as members and fewer in attendance at regular meetings. Nelson Chapter however has one thing rather special going for it, its members come mainly from within Nelson Masonic Hall and a healthy number from Pendle Lodge 4703 itself. Do not think for one moment we only accept members from Nelson, that’s not the case at all, in fact we would welcome new members from any Masonic Hall in the Province. Its members are all very well know to each other in both Craft Freemasonry and Royal Arch which gives each and every one of us a healthy respect for our Chapter and each other.

L-R Second Principal John Hudson, First Principal Bob Summers, Third Principal Bryon Lingard

Novembers Installation on Tuesday 5th November was typical of the ceremony and ritual found at Nelson Chapter and I’m sure the Representative Ex Comp Peter Hargreaves enjoyed the occasion, even though the date was changed three times to accommodate as many members as possible, but that’s another story. The three Principal officers were Bob Summers as First Principal, his first time in the office, John Hudson as Second Principal and Bryon Lingard as Third Principal, also for his first time in the office.

The festive board was very well received and a excellent meal was enjoyed by the 18 or so masons who chose to dine. All in all a good day for Royal Arch Masonry in Nelson

4 thoughts on “Pendle take 1st, 2nd and 3rd at Nelson Chapter

  1. Congratulations Bob I am also looking forward to you visiting us at Cana Chapter. I hope you have a good year. Its also worth visiting Nativity Chapter in Burnley, who with Cana Chapter celebrate having a chapter warrant for 250 years in May 2019. Regards – Eddie


    1. Thanks Ed.
      Plan to visit Nativity during my term. The two oldest chapters in the world. Doesn’t get any better.
      Are you coming back on the 1759 team some time soon.


  2. Congratulations Bob on reaching the Chair of Zerubbabel. Have a good year and do come and visit us at Cana Chapter – we’re one of the two oldest Warranted Chapters in the world and have a very distinctive ceremonial. Next meeting is Wednesday 20th November (day earlier than normal due to Provincial Grand Lodge.


    1. Thanks David, it was a really good ceremony and I am thoroughly looking forward to being in the chair for a year. We also have two interested candidates, so things are looking up. Got the 20th in the Diary. I have always wanted to visit Cana Chapter and now I have no excuse, hopefully see you then.


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