Pendle Lodge Installation, by Ian Jackson

Bro. Ian Salthouse W.M. 2013-14

The day began when WM elect, Ian Salthouse decided to turn up; he always leaves it to the last minuet.

The lodge being tyled and open for business at 3. 30pm, and was supported by the Representative of the Provincial Grand Master W.Bro Biggs accompanied by a lot of provincial office’s, but there was a noticeable lack of support from other lodges.

After saying that, the Installing W.M. Bro R Langtree was again bringing out the very best in his ritual  workings, he is like a very well oiled machine, slick.

The assistant D.C.  W.Bro Christie didn’t have his talents or memory called upon, due to the supporting installing brethern: W.Bro Smith as installing J.W. and WBro Ingham acting as installing S.W. Addresses to the deacons W.Bro Day, also address to the W.M. by W.Bro Lyngard, all  were in excellent form with precise delivery, given from the heart with an injection of feeling and sincerity .

New Installed WM Ian Salthouse
Here’s to his Health

The new master fitted quite well into the chair of king Solomon, it’s a big chair. I should rephrase that , he looked comfortable and confident . All his new supporting office’s were installed in there respective position’s. A full list of officers can be found in Pendle lodges minutes on our secretary’s mantlepiece at home. Or until they are published on e-mail.

After a very confident closing of the lodge, everyone stayed to the Festival of St John. There was an abundance of good food, drink, banter, concealing of gavels and the usual loud activities from the SW table. No Red wine was spilled, I repeat No spilling of the red wine. I can only think of two reasons that spillage hasn’t occurred,1), Ken  made sure that the bottles were empty ! 2) Brian must have bought the wine and it was too costly to be wasted, keeping a firm grip on the bottle at all times…

colne masonic hall
New Home – Colne Masonic Hall

Bro Christie acting as DC kept control of proceedings , with plenty of back slapping honest humour  and concord given from all toasts and responses. Being the final ceremony for Pendle Lodge in the building (it has been sold) A toast was given to all the memories that the brethren past and present hold of Bradshaw St. It is very sad to be leaving and having to let go, there have been many good times at Nelson Masonic Hall.

I would like to wish all the very best to Ian Salthouse and his new team of officers, have a good year a successful move into your new home at Colne.

Words and pictures from W.Bro Ian Jackson 

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