Last practice in Nelson

Bradshaw Street Masonic HallPendle Lodge will meet for the last practice at Bradshaw St on December 5th.

This will be our last meeting in the Hall which has been our home since 1948. A total of 65 years of wonderful masonry, so let’s make it a night to remember for us and all those wonderful masons who made Pendle lodge what it is today i.e. the finest lodge in the District.

W.Bro John Hudson - Secretary

I am in contact with Colne Masonic Hall for a free night for a practice before our December lodge on Wednesday, December 11th mainly for the officers to assist with perambulation etc. and will keep you all informed as to when.


John Hudson

One thought on “Last practice in Nelson

  1. Its been my Masonic home for 20 years and I will miss the building, but that is just what it is, the memories and history will come with us to Colne Masonic Hall and the Lodge is not the building, but a body of men who meet together. I’m sure the odd tear will be shed, but lets give it a good send off and have a practice to remember.
    See you all on Thursday


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