Nelson Masons on the move

bradshaw-street-masonic-hallYou would have thought it was a regular practice for Pendle Lodge on Thursday. Weather was cold and miserable but the usual 20+ members all arrived for the session. Nothing much to practice really, as Decembers Lodge meeting is a quick affair so that we can retire to the Festive board and enjoy the Christmas festivities with guests and friends alike.

For 65 years the regular Thursday night Pendle Lodge gathering has taken place at Bradshaw street and some of the finest masons in the district have passed through the doors of Nelson Masonic Hall. The likes of Jack Starkie, Harold Pye, Roberts Davies, Donald Carter, Geoff Boothman and too many more to mention.

bradshaw street masonic pavement
Masonic pavement at Bradshaw Street.
It’s new home will be in Padiham Masonic Hall.

The practice went as well as expected with each playing their part for the first time since their Installation in November. There was no sign of melancholy or sadness from anybody and I think most are resigned to the big changes about to overwhelm the Masons of Nelson. There was a group photograph taken of all those who attended the practice, it even included Mike Squires, Master Elect of Colne Lodge 4402, who was attending the practice on other masonic business. Never the less he was included in the future history of the move.

A lavish supper of cheese and biscuits with fruits and celery followed, accompanied by what beer and spirits were left. The bar has played a pivotal role in the success and popularity of Pendle Lodge meetings, and its likely to be the most missed of all aspects of the Hall. We truly hope that similar facilities will be forthcoming at Colne Masonic Hall, which will be our new home for the foreseeable future.  I hope the new owners have as much pleasure from the building as we have had and they put it to good use.

Pendle Lodge Masons at Bradshaw  Street 5/12/13
Pendle Lodge Masons at Bradshaw Street 5/12/13

So goodbye Bradshaw Street and Hello to Colne Masonic Hall.

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