Christmas Greetings from the W.M.

Bro. Ian Salthouse W.M. 2013-14Dear Brethren, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.

This new year promises to be a challenging one. We have already closed our doors on Nelson Lodge.(ring out the old) and have started moving our belongings to Colne lodge. (ring in the new) We have a new year, new lodge building, new Worshipful Master , new officers, new friends and a new start. New members are needed, I believe we have some in the pipeline, who knows.

I’m sure this new start will invigorate and strengthen the resolve of the brethren in Pendle Lodge and we will make a success of this opportunity. Nothing could be better than handing a stronger lodge over to Bro. Mark Barlow when he takes the chair.

May we all have a healthy and prosperous year ahead of us, and for now, have a cool yule.

Christmas card

Bro. Ian Salthouse Worshipful Master

2 thoughts on “Christmas Greetings from the W.M.

  1. Roy
    Pity you wont be attending, as you know the Christmas Lodge meeting is a cracker, and what with it also being our first meeting at Colne, you will be missing a good night.
    Trust you are well and we will see you at the next practice.


  2. Ian, Have a good evening on your first Lodge as Master.
    Please convey my apologies and best wishes to all the Brethren S&F Roy


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