Final few corrections to online Pendle Lodge Ritual

ritual bookIts been almost three years in the making with a full 12 months of running the ritual and ensuring it is the Pendle Lodge version.

Having the Pendle Lodge ritual online is very useful to those currently in office and even our past masters who always seem to have a vested interest in every word and foot position.

It all started three years ago in desperation with our current Pendle Lodge ritual books which contained so many errors and irregularities it was causing untold problems for the then officers of the Lodge. The job of re writing and collating all the older versions of the ritual proved to be a herculean task which took 2 years to complete. Last year was spent trialing the ritual in live ceremonies and making changes as and when they were identified. We are now at the stage of picking up minor errors and spelling mistakes, but it looks like we are 99% of the way to achieving a complete rewrite of the Pendle Lodge Ritual as it was practiced in the early days. It was a real treat to read the old ritual books from some of our long departed past masters and identify where errors had crept in over time.

At the end of 2014 it is planned to have the ritual re printed and made available as a handbook and also keep an electronic version here on the website.

Thanks to all those who have spotted mistakes and made me aware of such and also the members suggestions over the past three years. Its been a well worth exercise for the future members of the Lodge

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