Tracing Boards don’t come much bigger!

second degree tracing boardBro. Ian Duxbury has been due to receive an explanation of the Second Degree Tracing board for several months now, but seeing as he is regularly away on business it has taken some time to do just that.

2nd degree TB with Roy Langtree Ian Duxbury and John Lawless
Roy Langtree explaining the Second Degree Tracing Board to Ian Duxbury and John Lawless

The fact that we are now at Colne made all the difference to the proceedings.  The Nelson Tracing Boards, which are now at Padiham Masonic Hall I believe, are the standard sized item and easily moved around the open lodge. Colne Masonic Hall however have some rather magnificent Tracing Boards that they are rightly very proud of. They are approx 7 ft x 5 ft in width and are beautifully decorated boards.  It was a real treat to see them in their full splendor, as many of the Nelson masons were not aware of their existence until now.

3 thoughts on “Tracing Boards don’t come much bigger!

  1. The fact that Roy had been in hospital the day before and has not been feeling well for a while made his rendition even more remarkable. As his prompter I jokingly told him he had got one word wrong and was completely stumped when he asked me which one. Well done Roy once again. It was an absolute pleasure for me and I am sure for Ian and John to listen to it.


  2. I had never seen them until last night. Spectacular tracing boards in my opinion. I’m sure someone from Colne can fill us in on their complete history.


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