2014 visit to Lancaster Lodge Portugal

lancaster_lodgeMany of the Pendle Lodge members are aware of the visitors from Portugal that attend our Christmas Lodge every year. It’s a visitation that has been taking place for over 10 years now. But not everyone knows that Pendle Lodge pays a return visit to Lancaster Lodge 9413 in Cascais Portugal to attend their Ladies Evening in May.

cidadela hotel balcony viewThe return visit to Cascais, which is one of Portugal’s most beautiful coastal destinations, is well worth visiting, last year 4 members and their wives enjoyed a week of Masonic meetings, including a visit to Portugal Grand Lodge. There is always a full itinerary of Masonic and leisure activities, and you are free to participate in whatever you wish.

The Cidadela Hotel in Cascais is the venue for most of the Masonic Meetings and the Ladies Evening. The organizers of the Ladies Festival really do push the boat out and even negotiate a very good room rate at the Hotel, which is more than comfortable and has the usual tourist facilities on hand, plus it’s just a 5 min walk to the beach and shops.

Flights to Lisbon can be booked via Easyjet from Liverpool and bookings can be made direct with the Hotel.

Lancaster ChapterI would strongly recommend paying a visit to experience the Portuguese hospitality and the wonderful welcome from the Freemasons of Lancaster Lodge. You will not be disappointed.

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5 thoughts on “2014 visit to Lancaster Lodge Portugal

  1. Completely agree with the above comments. My wife and I have been going for 3 years now and we enjoy it so much that we have now made it one of our annual holidays.
    The Brethren of Lancaster Lodge and their ladies are so welcoming that it is like going home when we meet up again in May each year.
    Cascais is a beautiful seaside resort in a fabulous part of Portugal with Lisbon just a short train ride down the coast.
    I mentioned to two of my Masonic friends after returning last year what a wonderful time we had had and I must have convinced them as they have both signed up for 2014 – they are Michael Squires of Colne and Philip Conn of Manchester and I am sure they will not be disappointed.
    See you all in Portugal.
    John Hudson


  2. Brethren,

    A big thank you to W Bro Summers of Pendle Lodge N 4703 for publishing the below to their web site.

    We look forward to seeing Bob and all our friends from Pendle very soon.

    Yours s & f

    Mark Andrew Gay

    Secretary Lancaster Lodge N 9413


    1. Hi Andrew
      We had a great time with you all last year, and hopefully we can convince a few more to take the trip in 2014. Keep us up to speed with activities as they are confirmed if you would please.
      The flight and Hotel is already booked so God willing see you in May.


  3. Really do recommend paying a visit to Lancaster Lodge. The Hotel in Cascais is 5 mins walk from the town, which is spectacular. The food, wine and friendly Portuguese welcome is a real delight, and if the weather is right, its just like being on Holiday,
    There is an itinerary of activities throughout the festival with plenty of things to do and see. You don’t have to participate in everything, just pick and choose what you fancy, and don’t think the ladies are not catered for whilst we chaps are at Masonic Meetings. Our ladies last year had a great time together.

    Have a chat with myself, Jim McNally, John Hudson or Harry Lord if you want to find out more.


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