We visited Roses Lodge 5140 at Colne

colne masonic hallThree Pendle Lodge masons visited Roses Lodge last night at Colne and had a thoroughly good time.

The WM, SW and DC had no idea what was on the summons so the entire evening would be a surprise, and what a surprise, there were 21 items of business, and that included a passing ceremony. The Secretary and WM rattled through the business which was mostly propositions and the appointment of Bro David Livesey SW as Master Elect, which in itself is the most important item of business for the SW himself and the fact that the Lodge will have a new master from the following month.

Fellowcraft Apron second degreeThe Candidate for the evening, Bro. Anthony Hartley, had only been an Entered Apprentice for three months, but nevertheless he was passed to the degree of Fellowcraft in fine style. the advancement to the pedestal in the East was different to how we do it in Pendle, and the SW picks up the explanation of the working tools in the degree instead of the JW. The presentation of the Fellowcraft apron was very slick, instead of struggling with tie cords behind the candidates back, Roses Lodge use a specially modified set of aprons which utilize a series of hooks that hang onto the candidates trousers, very clever idea and one which all three Pendle visitors spotted straight away.

Bro. Ian Salthouse W.M. 2013-14

Colne Masonic hall dishes up a good evening meal and last nights was no exception, the pea and ham soup starter wining the dish of the day by a long chalk. Pendle’s WM Ian Salthouse took the opportunity to respond to the visitors toast for his very first time, and also mentioned the Pendle Lodge ladies evening to the gathered brethren.

All in all a very pleasant evening with the brethren of Roses Lodge.

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