1759 Demonstration team to visit Colne – POSTPONED

1759 logo

Postponed due to circumstances beyond our control. 

Sorry to announce that the imminent 1759 performance at Colne Masonic Hall is to be postponed. There will however be a performance in the building but later in the year

Burnley and Pendle District’s 1759 demonstration team to visit Colne Masonic Hall 9th April 2014.

For the first time in its History the team will be demonstrating ancient Masonic Ritual at Pendle Lodge in Colne Masonic Hall. It comes as no surprise really as several of the team are in fact members of Pendle Lodge themselves.

An “Olde England Night” will follow the ancient ritual performance, guaranteeing an absolutely full night of Old World entertainment. Numbers will be limited, that includes the team who stay in period costume for the social board. There is no charge for the evening but a major raffle is expected to cover the £400.00 donation to the 2015 festival on behalf of the 1759 team.

The 1759 Demonstration Team is famous for reenacting an initiation ceremony from the mid 18th Century, with the lodge room set up as it would be in that era and all the members of the 1759 lodge dressed in period costume.  It’s an amazing evening of Freemasonry wrapped up in pageantry, fancy dress and a little humour. 

olde england john hudsonThe aim of the demonstration team is to raise money for the 2015 Festival and £3400 has already been donated to the fund.

Please contact the secretary John Hudson if you wish to attend this once only performance in Colne Masonic Hall.

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