It’s good to be reminded

East Lancashire Masonic Charity Logo“It’s good to be reminded of what our Masonic Charities achieve”. It was Graham Smith who said that, and how right he was. April’s meeting was all about what the Almoner’s and Charity Stewards achieve within the province.

It was pressed home, by W.Bro Paul Thornton, W.Bro Jeff Ward and W.Bro Ian McDonald during their presentation that without each other neither could do their own job, and consequently it was shown how the Stewards and Almoner’s work very closely together throughout the year.

We were reminded of the number of Freemasons, widows and families that have been on the receiving end of our own charitable efforts, and some of the examples were quite humbling. No names or details were revealed during the presentation but we could all imaging it quite easily could have been any one of us on the receiving end.

DSC_1654resized 800 x 600
L-R Graham Smith, Ian McDonald, Jeff Ward, Ian Salthouse W.M. Paul Thornton, Steve Jansen.

The sterling work of East Lancashire Masonic Charity, which is our very own charity and one of only 4 Provincial Charities within the UK was discussed. It supports the running of Hewlett Court our Retirement Home here in East Lancashire and is situated in Holcombe Brooke just North of Bury. From what was revealed it would appear that life at Hewlett Court is very comfortable and friendly. I can see several members of Pendle Lodge putting their names down for the future.

There will be a district meeting of Almoner’s at Hewlett Court on the 17th April, to which all Masons and their families are invited to attend. It’s an opportunity to view first hand what the Retirement Home provides. If you wish to attend then please email Jeff Ward in the first instance

There is a lot of hard work taking place in the background on a day-to-day basis, most of which is unrecognised by the majority of the members of the Province of East Lancashire. The ELMC needs your support brethren, so next time we have an opportunity to give, please consider our own Masonic Charity.

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2 thoughts on “It’s good to be reminded

  1. Hi Bob, Just managed to catch up on your website. Would just like to say on all of the District Committee visiting team (of course not forgetting your very own John and Stephen) for your well written article. Also to thank the W.M. and all Lodge members for your kind hospitality in allowing us to “impose” on your meeting. Judging from the comments made by members afterwards the information was well received. Once more, grateful thanks Jeff


    1. Hello Jeff, thanks for your kind comment.
      It was a good evening; and summed up perfectly by Grahams comment and the title of this post.
      It just goes to show we are part of something bigger than you could possibly imagine.


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