Colne Lodge Old England Night – 12th May

Pint of Old England beerColne Lodge is hosting their famous Old England Night immediately after the Lodge meeting on Monday 12th May. Lodge tyles at 7:00 pm . All Brethren are welcome, and also non-masonic guests too, and it is hoped and planned that a good evening will be had by all.

Colne Lodge effectively underwrite the cost of the evening, and therefore all monies raised on the night will go to 2015 RMBI FESTIVAL

tripe and black puddingThe meal consists of: Tripe & Black Pudding; Oxtail Soup; Lancashire hot-pot; and Cheese and Biscuits. Good wholesome fare that we 1759 ers grew up on.

You will be entertained by 2 Beadles; sometimes referred to as the Ugly Sisters of Panto fame, and namely Tony Cross and Paul Quinton (Roses Lodge). Plus an organist and pianist with flying fingers and a heavy hand, one WB David Hawkins. He will be thumping out some lively old England numbers which you WILL join in with, or else.

You are all more than welcome at this gathering, and please pass the word round your respective(and respectable Lodges), and bring others too.

If you do intend to join us, please contact any of the following to confirm your attendance:

To Mike Squires, or by phone 01282 619012
Bob Beveridge on 01282 863283 – Mike Davey on 01282 615131

Many thanks for taking time and trouble to read this post, and we do sincerely hope to see you at Colne Lodge on Monday 12th May.

Kind Regards

Mike Squires


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