Thanks from Sue and Mike Squires – we had a great time.

To all the members of Pendle Lodge, and in particular those who were in Portugal in May 2014 on the exchange visit to Lancaster Lodge 9413, at Cascais. A big thank you for allowing an offcumden to join you and to making myself and my wife Sue feel so welcome in your company. From the minute we congregated at Liverpool Airport and for the next 5 days it was so enjoyable and relaxing.

DSC_2002 800 x 600The programme of activities planned by Lancaster Lodge, and in particular the WM Dimas Pestana and WB Larry Riches, was impressive, and at each one we were all made to feel so welcome. It is difficult to select just one highlight, but if pressed I suppose the Ladies Night, after the Lodge meeting, and the ride from the Sunday garden party back to the Hotel in a 1914 Model T Ford, joint first.
Having said that there was a BBQ on Friday evening, a full day out on Saturday to a palace, a vineyard, a tidal mill, lunch at a local fish restaurant, and finally to the heights of the statue of Christ, a replica of the statue in Rio, with views over Lisbon and the Tagus River.
DSC_1994 800 x 600At the Lodge and Chapter meetings a number of us were invited to take office which I think we did with success.
All in all, a cracking 5 days, and I think Sue summed it up well when she said to me ” I went away with acquaintances and came back from the break with new friends”.
Dimas Pestana and his Lady, Sandra, were the perfect hosts, and were ably assisted by WB Larry Riches and Christine and all the brethren of Lancaster Lodge 9413, and Sue and I learnt quite a lot for our own Ladies Evening later this year.
We will be in Lincoln on Saturday 31st May to welcome Larry, Dimas and Richard as they complete their journey in the Model T Ford, and will wave them over the finish line along with Bob and Jackie Summers.
Thanks once again Pendle Lodge for allowing us to join you.

Kind Regards

Mike and Sue Squires

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