Pictures from Lancaster Lodge Ladies Evening – Portugal

Here are the first pictures from the Ladies Evening we attended in Portugal. It was a wonderful week of masonic and social activity, and one that can only be heartily recommended to those who wish to extend their craft abroad. Enjoy the pictures.

click on any of the images in the mosaic and a gallery will open. You can move left and right by clicking on the arrows with your mouse or by using the keys on your keyboard. To return to the post click on the X in the top left corner or press Esc on the keyboard.
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3 thoughts on “Pictures from Lancaster Lodge Ladies Evening – Portugal

  1. Hello Bob,

    Once again a great write up and as always, fantastic photos.

    Thank you for everything.

    Yours s&f



    1. Hi Andrew, thanks for your comment.
      Jackie and I have just returned from Lincoln where we welcomed the Model T Ford to the Lodge. On the following day we all had a fantastic garden party at Larry’s house and raised even more money for the Prostate Cancer Fund.
      Hopefully see you all again in 2015.


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