Tracing Board and Changes for Pendle Lodge

first degree tracing boardIt matters not how many times you witness a rendition of the First Degree Tracing board, you cannot be impressed by how much more you learn at each delivery. Last nights explanation by Roy Langtree was just the same.

800 x 600DSC_0239
Changes on the top table

October’s Pendle Lodge meeting is the usual business to set up the details for the following Installation meeting in November, and all the proposals were duly carried  and those happy to remain in office did so. The big changes however are the DC and the Mentor; both offices being filled by new, but more than capable members of the Lodge. W.Bro Roy Langtree taking the office of DC, one he has filled temporarily on several occasions, and W.Bro David England taking the post of Lodge Mentor.

800 x 600DSC_0232
E.A. Bro Ritchie Smith receives explanation of First Degree Tracing board from W.Bro Roy Langtree

Unfortunately one of our Entered apprentices was unable to attend so the explanation of the First Degree Tracing board was delivered to Bro Richie Smith personally by Roy Langtree. I have no idea how he stores so much ritual in such a small frame. It makes no sense. His usual glass of water was in evidence on the J.W. pedestal, but no prompt was required during the lengthy delivery. He truly is an asset to the Lodge.

The social board was very convivial with three visitors enjoying our company. W.Bro Mike Squires responded to the visitors toast and took the opportunity to mention his and Sue’s Ladies Evening. The raffle raised the goodly sum of £70.00 from a bottle of whisky.

800 x 600DSC_0236
l-r Jack Day, Roy Langtree, David England, Ian Jackson, Ritchie Smith and Keith Bateman

It wasn’t too late by the time the Tyler proposed his toast so we all spent a half hour or so downstairs in the new lounge area.



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