New Years Eve Party

NewyearThe social committee of Pendle Lodge are organising a New Year’s Eve Party this year. This will be held in our newly refurbished lounge at Colne Masonic Hall. It will be a fun evening to end the year and see in the New. As usual the music will be provided by our resident DJ ‘Rocky Salty’. There is a theme for the evening which is 50s, 60s and 70s (if pushed we can include the 80s) and if anyone wishes then they can come in fancy dress suitable for these years. Please note though that this is not essential and anyone wishing to come as they are can do so.
I believe that we have again got the services of Jack and Annie Walker to run the bar. Sorry I mean John and Janice (I just hope John has told Janice by now). Their humour from behind the bar will be appreciated as will all their hard work. Supper this year is that Lancashire (or Yorkshire for that matter) delicacy Pie and Peas. We have decided on this because by New Year’s Eve everyone is fed up of meat, sandwiches, etc. Also it will free up all the helpers so that they too can enjoy the evening.
No doubt a raffle will be held but we will try to make this as brief as possible so as not to spoil the ambiance of the evening. So all in all a very enjoyable evening should be had. At the hour of twelve there will, hopefully, be a glass of something to toast the beginning of 2015. What more can you want on New Year’s Eve?
Now for the catch. We have decided that we must charge everyone the huge sum of £8 for this evening. £8. Yes that is not a printer’s error. So how about it? Please let us know as soon as possible whether you will be coming as places are strictly limited and it will be on a first come first served basis. Tickets will be available from the end of October and can be bought from any one of the following: Mark Barlow, Ian Salthouse, Glyn Lund, Keith Bateman and Walter Coupe.
Don’t miss out on this event because you know you will regret it.


One thought on “New Years Eve Party

  1. Jackie and I wont be able to attend this year, we are in Portsmouth with our son and daughter in law. I know you will all have a great time and at £8.00 a ticket its a bargain. Get plenty of pictures for the website.


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