Twelve Guests at Christmas

PLChristmas (5)The Christmas Lodge meeting is always a great evening, and what with the Nelson Brass Band and our friends from Portugal in attendance it couldn’t have been better.

The W.M. Bro Mark Barlow made it look easy opening and closing the lodge on his very first time, and the brethren where out of the Lodge room and socialising with the non masons at the bar.

Twelve Gentlemen attended as guests of brethren of Pendle Lodge and more than one expressed his interest in learning more about Freemasonry and exploring possible membership further.

PLChristmas (3)As usual our beloved caterer Maureen and her band of merry assistants put on a royal feast of Christmas delights. They even had seconds of Roast Turkey. The new DC had his hands full trying to keep everyone under control, which is always a tough task, as the wine and beer flowed. In the background the Nelson Brass Band played Christmas Carols and Festive tunes, and on several occasions vocal accompaniment was heard from those sat at the wardens tables. It was a great festive evening.

W.Bro Larry Riches reported on his fundraising result from the Model T Ford drive from Lisbon Portugal to Lincoln in the UK. His target for Prostate Cancer was set at £10,000 but that was easily topped by £12,000 plus, even managing to raise another £60 on the evening.

The Charitable side of the evening continued with our usual raffle which included the Pendle Lodge 4703 Whisky, specially bottled by The Famous Grouse distillery. The raffle raised £150.00 for the 2015 Festival and the Whisky was won by W.Bro Bryon Lingard who sportingly returned it to the J.W. for further fund raising.

PLChristmas (36)It has come to be a tradition that every year we have a laugh at the expense of W.Bro John Hudson, who takes it all in good spirits. This year John was assisted around the lodge by the APGM after receiving a well deserved Certificate of appreciation for all his hard work in Freemasonry. It was noted by his closest colleague Peter Christie that he was unsure on his feet. He decided that a gift at the Christmas Festive board would go down well. On the evening John was invited to step forward and he was presented with a tinsel wrapped zimmer frame on wheels.  Well you should have seen his face.

All in all it was one of the best Christmas Lodge meetings for a long time.

5 thoughts on “Twelve Guests at Christmas

      1. Hi Bob, thanks for your kind comments, I am sure that someone will make contact regarding the Ladies Night in May 2015, have passed everyone’s e mail address to the secretary to ensure our visitors from previous years are kept up to date, great to see you all, think I had more words with your wife Jackie than you, have a Great Christmas and every good wish for 2015, Larry Riches


  1. As always a great report and a pleasure to keep updated on the fun being had at Pendle Lodge. Seasons greetings to you all John

    John Ellis Sent from my Ipad



    1. Thanks John
      Its always good to see you, be it in craft or Chapter. Glad you had a good time and thanks for all your positive comments regarding the Pendle Lodge website.


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