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At last months Royal Arch meeting of Nelson Chapter 2193 I suddenly realised there was nothing about the order on the website.

Royal Arch is the completion of your third degree and promises to make good the loss of the secrets amply demonstrated in that ceremony. I joined Chapter within six months of becoming a Master mason in 1993 and have been a member ever since. Most of the Companions of Nelson Chapter are from Pendle Lodge but its not exclusive to them, we do have a few characters from other Masonic Halls and Lodges who bring a wealth of skill and enjoyment to our Chapter.

Royal-ArchIt really is a completion of the third degree and the ritual that explains that recovery is very colourful and dramatic, and you certainly know your joining a different order. I thought I was in a different Lodge room when I joined the Chapter and couldn’t quite figure out which room I was in. It really is that different.

Its a comfortable order to be part of, and those companions who are members of it tend to be well established in their craft and well practiced in their Freemasonry. The ritual is good and the camaraderie and friendly spirit is first class.

If you are a Master Mason and beyond and have not joined the Royal Arch I would suggest you give it some consideration. There is plenty of information on the East Lancashire Provincial Website

John Hudson is our Royal Arch representative and is able to provide an application form or answer any questions you may have, alternatively have a chat with me. I’m currently First Principal of the Chapter and would love to welcome you to the Royal Arch

Bob Summers – Nelson Chapter First Principal

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