Do you know where the Defibrillator is?

CAM_1996The good news is that every Masonic Hall in the Burnley & Pendle District has a fully automated Defibrillator located in each building. But do you know where it is located? It’s been identified that time taken to locate such devices has a major impact on the outcome of its application.

CAM_1995 The Defibrillator in Colne Masonic Hall has now been installed in the building and the necessary training on its use has taken place. But do you know where it is if your fellow Brother suddenly required its use?

Well take note! It’s in the Social Board Room on the First Floor next to the Lift Doors. It’s highly visible in the recess adjacent the fireplace on the left hand side. Next time you’re in Colne Masonic Hall go and find it and familiarise yourself with the instructions and its location. It is central to all the areas that are regularly used in the building and within 2 mins of every room in the Hall.

The defibrillator is a truly life saving machine so please ensure you know where it is and how to use it.

3 thoughts on “Do you know where the Defibrillator is?

  1. Thanks for that Bob, a timely reminder to all of us should the need ever arise. Perhaps as responsible users of the building, a sign or signs strategically placed and “visible” in other parts of the building should be the next step; perhaps suggest one on each floor, where the brethren tend to congregate eg: Practice Room, Lounge area, Lodge room, and basement. Perhaps even one in the main body of the Festive Board room to quickly direct attention to the proper location. WB Mike Squires


  2. Thanks Bob I will check this out tonight! Regards John

    John S. Ellis Sent from my iPhone



  3. Must admit I wasn’t aware of its location. Perhaps at next Pendle Lodge practice we all go and have a close look at it and read the instructions. What do you think?


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