Ritchie receives tracing board explanation

CAM_2007Bro Ritchie Smith received a wonderful explanation of the Second Degree Tracing Board last night at Pendle Lodge’s March meeting.

Once again we made use of the large tracing board set from within Colne Masonic Hall and W.Bro Roy Langtree delivered the explanation with his usual comfortable style from the centre of the carpet.

CAM_2006Bro Smith listened to what was being said and made note of the several items pointed out to him. Since his passing ceremony Ritchie had managed to get to grips with the signs of the second degree and gave them to W.Bro Roy Langtree in a satisfactory manner.

The Lodge business went smoothly and the ballot for our next candidate proved successful. He will be joining us next month in April. In reality next month is when the real masonic work for the 2015 season starts in earnest. The honeymoon period is over and several ceremonies are CAM_2009planned before the next installation in November. There are potentially two new candidates and a joining Brother, but I suspect the current team of officers already know their workload and are studying the ritual with gusto. It should be a good year for Pendle Lodge.

The evening ended early so a few swift ones were had downstairs in the bar area. Another enjoyable evening had by all.

3 thoughts on “Ritchie receives tracing board explanation

  1. Sent Darren a text last night after lodge ,he said fantastic news made my night looking forward to next month


  2. Great night at Pendle Lodge last night as you said Bob the business went smoothly and Roy’s explanation of the second degree tracing board was outstanding I hope all our visitors enjoyed the evening as much as the Brethren of Pendle Lodge, congratulations to Bro Smith on his daily advancement in Masonic Knowledge and a big thank you to all the officers of the lodge for the work they put in, as you said the work has begun Darren next and I am looking forward to doing his First Degree.
    Mark Barlow WM.


  3. Very pleasant evening and a successful ballot for my new candidate Darren Haigh, I’m sure he will be pleased to hear the news.
    Got to pick up a bit of ritual now for next month.


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