Jack receives honors at Provincial Grand Chapter

Ex Comp. Jack ThompsonW.Bro Jack Thompson, a member of Pendle Lodge and also an active Companion in the Royal Arch received his honors at Provincial Grand Chapter on Thursday 19th March.

Several members of Provincial Grand ChapterPendle Lodge  were in attendance to lend their support to a much-loved Nelson Chapter Companion. Jack has been a member of Nelson Chapter for as long as can be remembered. In fact it was a surprise to learn that on this occasion it was Jacks first appointment to Provincial Grand Chapter. I for one thought he was being honored with a promotion and that he had been a past officer for quite some time. Just goes to show.

If you have never visited Provincial Grand Chapter Meeting I would highly recommend it. It’s a great day of Royal Arch Masonry and a spectacle to boot. The ceremonial is first class, and what with it being the same as any other chapter, apart from Cana Chapter, it’s very easy to follow and understand.

Provincial Grand ChapterWe didn’t get to stay for the festive board afterwards due to other commitments, but we enjoyed seeing Jack Thompson being honored and getting up to speed with changes in Provincial Grand Chapter Officers and the new roles they will be undertaking in the future

Read the Provincial Grand Chapter report here

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