First e- candidate for Pendle

CAM_2049Pendle Lodge initiated its first e- candidate on Wednesday 8th April. The enquiry came in via the Pendle Lodge website on 22nd November 2014 in response to the “How do I Join” page. It appeared the gentleman in question was local and lived within a few miles of the Masonic Hall in Colne.  We have had several other requests for membership but all others have been either out of the country or way outside the Province of East Lancashire.

CAM_2050A couple of Pendle Lodge members met up with Darren and his partner for introductions and to get to know him a little better and answer any questions he would surely have. After an hour enjoying each others company it was obvious that he was a very suitable candidate but it was explained that he was the first to apply for membership via the website and he would still have to go through the  correct procedure for application. In fact he would probably have to endure slightly more than normal as nobody in Pendle Lodge knew him.

His interview was very interesting with lots of questions coming from the past masters as to his intentions and understanding of Freemasonry. He was very positive about our website and commented that he was in Information Technology (IT) and he was impressed with the layout and simplicity of the site. Indeed it was one of the reasons he responded to the “How do I Join” page.

The past masters agreed that he should be recommended for membership and a proposer and seconder were appointed to commence the process..

CAM_1904Darren and his partner Vanessa were invited to the Pendle Lodge Ladies Evening by the Worshipful Master Mark Barlow and his Lady, they both enjoyed their first masonic evening together meeting the wives and partners of Pendle Lodge members and all those brethren who attend our Ladies Evening.

The initiation ceremony went exceedingly well, with all the officers involved delivering ritual to the highest standard. The Candidate has no yard stick to measure the performance but I certainly did. It was as good a First Degree Ceremony as I have seen anywhere and one to be proud of. Darren was well and truly received into Freemasonry.


There was a large turnout of members and visitors on the evening with 42 members including in excess of 12+ visitors, not many seats left when all had sat down. We had the District Chairman and his Deputy plus three Grand Officers in attendance, one of which ended up working for his supper and conducting the raffle in the social board, raising the sum of £132.00 from a bottle of Famous Grouse.

l-r Jack Thompson, Roy Langtree, Jezz Thornton, Keith Bateman, Bryon Lingard, Steve Jansen, Darren Haigh, Mark Barlow, Glyn Lund, Ian Salthouse, Jim Duerden, David England, Brian Ingham, Ian Duxbury.

The evening ended a little later than usual but all were in fine form and a good time was had by all.

We have another e-candidate in the pipeline and he will be initiated in September. If you are interested in joining Freemasonry and would like to know more, do what Darren did and visit the “How do I Join” page.

5 thoughts on “First e- candidate for Pendle

  1. Fantastic night, really glad that I joined Pendle Lodge what a great bunch of brothers. I am looking forward to my future with the Freemasons.


  2. Interesting concept, “E Candidate.” One I like. I believe it is possible to progress technologically, while still holding to the ancient ways.

    Keith Redmon, Master Mason
    FRANKLIN 109, Beaufort, North Carolina
    Grand Lodge of North Carolina


  3. I would like to say welcome to Darren and I thought he conducted himself exceptionally around the lodge and I am sure he will be an asset to the Pendle Lodge and Freemasonry in general.
    M Barlow WM


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