Gravatar – that little image in your comment

click here to go to Gravatar upload siteOnce you start to comment on posts you will notice that several commenters have a little image of themselves alongside their comment. This is called a Gravatar and is generated automatically by your e-mail address whenever you leave a comment. But first you have to register online with Gravatar and upload a head and shoulders shot, or any image you may wish to use. Click on the link here “Gravatar” and follow the instructions on the page.

Look forward to seeing many Gravatar’s in future posts

3 thoughts on “Gravatar – that little image in your comment

  1. Thanks Bob used Gravatar today to create a picture every time I leave a comments
    Kind Regards
    Darran haigh


    1. Hi Darren
      Thanks for setting up a Gravatar image. As it states in the post its a useful tool and makes you readily identifiable across the Pendle Lodge and other websites.


  2. Hi Bob, Many thanks for your assistance in getting me this far. Such a valuable tool in achieving our goals in recruitment and great fun to use. Watch this space as the saying goes.


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