Queens grasp victory

CAM_2934Although there was no official score taker it can be assumed that Queens Jubilee Lodge grasped victory at the Crown Green Bowling event last night. The weather earlier in the evening was damp and unpleasant, but a few hardier soles picked up woods and had a match, and from the number of good bowls coming CAM_2910from the Queens Jubilee team; victory was grasped, although nobody was that much bothered as the weather brightened up and we started to have a bit of fun and enjoy ourselves.

There was a great atmosphere in the cabin with brews and biscuits galore, plus tales of recent holidays and those planned for later in the year. The bar opened its doors at 7:00 pm and that was the signal for some to move indoors and continue the social side of the gathering. Ian had arranged a Pie & Pea supper for all followed by the usual raffle.

The sun started to shine around 8:00 pm encouraging a further round of bowling in the pleasant surroundings that are Greenhill Bowling Club

One thought on “Queens grasp victory

  1. What a great night, good company good food nice pub. Will be going again now I have learnt how to play bowls for the first time. Well done Ian setting all this up, thanks



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