Past Masters Perform Perfectly

Bro Gez ThorntonThe ceremony in October is usually delivered by the Past Masters of the Lodge, and it has been this way for as long as I can remember. The reason being it allows the WM of the Lodge a month off to perfect his ritual for the coming November Installation.

It was the turn of Bro Gerald Thornton to be passed to the Second Degree, having been initiated on the 10th September; just over a year ago. The Past Masters had plenty of time to get in three practice sessions, not that they were needed, and delivered a first class ceremony of Passing.

Past Masters Pendle Lodge Passing Gerald Thornton
l-r Jim McNally, John Hudson, Jack Thompson, Jack Day, Gerald Thornton, David England, Roy Langtree, Peter Christie, Mark Barlow, Brian Ingham, Ian Salthouse.

I’m sure Mark Barlow the WM had a relaxing evening off and the current team of officers had their chance to see how its done properly. The year has passed incredibly quickly and the next ceremony is that of Installation and a new WM will be at the helm.

WM and Wardens Pendle Passing gerald Thornton
L-R John Hudsom, Gez Thornton, Roy Langtree, Jack Thompson.
L-R Jack Day, Gerald Thornton, Ian Salthouse.
L-R Jack Day, Gerald Thornton, Ian Salthouse.

4 thoughts on “Past Masters Perform Perfectly

  1. I agree with WB Summers remarks regarding the excellent ceromony of passing carried out by our past masters it was an example to all.
    However, without detracting from that, and with all due respect, I feel that the remarks; ” showed how its done properly and showed the current team how its done ” I cannot fully agree with.
    I am sure Bob wasn’t being disrespectful to the current officers but I feel I must reply in their defence (not that they need defending)
    The current team of officers with the exception perhaps of the JW are exceptional. In particular Brothers Barlow and Bateman. As an example the charge recently given by Keith was flawless a testement to their dediction and in some respects to the traing given by our DC’S and Past Masters.
    Yours Fraternally,


  2. It was great to get to see the Pendle Lodge members working a Passing Ceremony so well, after spending weeks away on business and missing several practice and Lodge meetings. Well done chaps, you obviously still have what it takes and can show the current team a thing or two.


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