Chapter Chairs welcome Pendle Lodge members

Royal-ArchPendle Lodge members installed in high office in Nelson Chapter 2193. M.Ex. Comp. Bryan Lingard and Ex.Comp. Walter Coupe were installed in the First and third principals chair respectively last night by the outgoing First Principal Ex.Comp. Bob Summers. It seems to have been a long time coming but finally Bryan has made it to the First Principals Chair.

The ceremony of installation is a beautiful affair with lots of movement on the floor to catch out the unwary DC or officer, however all seemed to go reasonably well and the ritual was delivered ably by those who had taken the time to learn it. Unfortunatly our second principal was unavailable on the day so it was decided to go ahead with the ceremony anyway and work around the problem. It caused a couple of hiccups but no catastrophe. Our Grand Superintendent representative Ken Olive had a good afternoon and a pleasant meal after the ceremony.

M.Ex.Comp First Principal Bryan Lingard and Ex.Comp Third Principal Walter Coupe newly installed in Office with Ex.Comp David England standing in as Third Principal.

The dinning room was a little underpopulated, but that’s Chapter and numbers are rarely higher than a craft meeting. Toasts where all delivered and the visitors response was provided by Garry Williams of Sincerity Chapter. With almost no notice he responded very eloquently and reminded us all of how interesting and rewarding Chapter membership and ritual can be.

All in all a good installation from those involved and an interesting year ahead for those newly in office.

3 thoughts on “Chapter Chairs welcome Pendle Lodge members

    1. Your welcome Bryon. It was a pleasure to install you as First Principal of the Chapter. You now have your work to deliver at February’s meeting to install your second principal and the explanation of the Robe. You have a little more time to learn the ritual. Good luck with that pal.


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