Practice pays off at Installation

CAM_4068aSeveral practice sessions leading up to the November 11th Installation ceremony certainly paid dividends ensuring Bro Mark Barlow WM delivered a ceremony worthy of any previous past master and installed his successor Bro Keith Batemen with expertise and passion.

We welcomed WBro David Dunn PAGDC representative of the RW Provincial Grand Master to Colne Masonic Hall and our early start of 3:30 pm allowed a relaxed afternoons ritual to take place with even a break for refreshments half way through proceedings.

Installation nerves and jitters caught a couple of officers off guard but nothing to distract from the work taking place and there appeared to be happy smiling faces all round the lodge as various member were appointed and invested into their respective offices.

2015-16 Officers with W.Bro David Dunn PAGDC Representative of RWPGM

The Festival of St John was eagerly awaited by the time we all sat down for the meal, and a convivial atmosphere ensured that all toasts and responses where well received and a great evenings fellowship ensued. W.Bro David Dunn reminded us of the final 2015 Festival Totals and delivered the best wishes of the Provincial Grand Master to our newly installed Master Bro Keith Bateman.

It was a long and rewarding day that ended merrily and at a sensible time.


2 thoughts on “Practice pays off at Installation

  1. I forgot to thank one person in particular. That is W.Brother Ken Smith. Not only did he stand in as Junior Warden but he sang the Master’s song which was the highlight of the evening. He explained that this could have been the last time he performed it and I feel honoured that I could have been the last Master to have received it from him.


  2. It was a special day for me. Arriving at the lodge I was greeted by those attending and told to enjoy the ceremony. At the time and feeling very nervous I thought this impossible. However once the ceremony started I did really enjoy it. To be installed in the chair of King Solomon was the culmination of hard work. I must praise our installing Master and all his officers on an exceptional ceremony.
    On leaving the Lodge it was nice to be congratulated by all the brethren. The social board went very well. The meal was excellent as usual. The camaraderie was what we are used to at Pendle Lodge. All in all I had a very enjoyable evening and for this I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you all.

    Your Worshipful Master


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